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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiet the Mind; Meditation with Children

I've been re-reading the book The Parents Tao Te Ching; Ancient Advice for Modern Parents by William Martin and wanted to share the following passage.

Quiet the Mind

Our bodies produce
the bodies of our children.
Our noisy minds produce
the fears of our children.
But the Tao produces the spirit of our children.

Still the body.
Quiet the mind.
Discover the spirit.

Meditation is not complicated nor esoteric. It is a natural skill, practiced in many variations. Breathe in and think "Be..." Breathe out and think, "....still." Once you learn, teach your children. You don't have to call it meditation. Call it "being still like a mountain." Bring forth their natural ability to remain quiet and at rest. (Yes, they can, even if for brief periods. Can you?)


  1. Hi,

    You have a really nice blog. Most of the people usually do not realize what mind power can do to one's accomplishment.

  2. Thanks Camilyn, I'll check out your mind power page!