Pottstown’s High Street Yoga; Room to Stretch, Quiet to Reflect

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Did You Know?

* Yoga has been practiced in the U.S. since the late 19th century, but gained popularity in the 1960s.

* According to results of a study sponsored by the Yoga Journal and released in June 2003, 15 million Americans, or over seven percent of U.S. adults, are believed to practice yoga, an increase of 28.5 percent from the year before.

* Yoga has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety; accordingly, it is often recommended to relieve the pain and anxiety of chronic conditions.

* Yoga is thousands of years old. Stone carvings in the Indus Valley depicting yoga positions date back 5,000-plus years.

Yoga eases hot flashes and boosts memory.
Sun salutations may be the answer when getting older makes you sweat & forget. A new Indian study involving 120 women found that those who practiced Yoga (along with breathing exercises & meditation) for an hour five days a week had 50% fewer hot flashes & night sweats than those who simply did stretching exercises. The Yoga group also reported improved memory. By helping you unwind, Yoga is thought to free up your mind to control body functioning.” From Yoga Science

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