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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Half Moon Pose ~ Ardha Chandrasana

The moon holds significance in yogic philosophy. The word Hatha means Ha – sun and tha – Moon. I try to do all the ‘moon’ poses during the full moon. One of my favorite poses to do on the full moon is Ardha Chanrasana, the name means half moon pose. I feel a sense of flying and freedom when my back foot is reaching. Some balancing poses can feel intimidating or wobbly. With the support of the back against the wall this pose is appropriate for all levels. The benefits, physically and emotionally are immeasurable.

Half Moon improves balance, focus, concentration and confidence. Confidence is gained from learning to balance and open at the same time. On a physical level half moon stretches hamstrings, quadriceps and back and increases flexibility in the hip joints.

Directions for coming into the Pose

From Extended Triangle on the Right

Hinge forward reaching with your right arm, when you can’t reach any further, drop your right fingertips to the floor or a block placed at 1:00 o’clock.

Inhale and Exhale as you straighten your right leg and lift your left leg so that it is horizontal to the floor. Think of the back leg as your stability. Breathe naturally and lift the chest. Stretch out in both directions through both arms and legs.

Continue breathing for several breaths and to come out of the pose bend the front knee and drop the back leg. Straighten into Triangle Pose and come up on an inhalation to standing. This pose can be modified with the back against the wall.

“Aim for the Moon, if you miss you might hit a star” ~ W. Clement Stone

Happy Full Moon and Namaste’

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