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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Neti Pot~ Allergy Relief or Comic Relief?

The Neti Pot is a household name thanks to Oprah and Dr. Oz. A Neti Pot can be found on the shelves of most health food stores, drug stores and even super stores. Most know it as a form of nasal irrigation, but, did you know that it has its roots in the yogic tradition? Historically Neti Pots were used in India to clear the nasal passages. Controlled breathing (pranayama) plays such and important roll in yoga.

A Neti Pot resembles a small tea pot or a gravy boat with a long spout. A saline solution is made of warm water and salt. The user stands over the sink, tips his head and pours the solution in one nostril while it flows out the other. The process is repeated on both sides.

I suffer from seasonal allergies and have used the Neti Pot for about two years. I appreciate the yogic tradition and enjoy some relief with out the use of over the counter medication. My kids are fascinated (and repulsed) by it. Last night my youngest son wanted to try it. He thought it was hilarious to watch himself in the mirror while he poured the water in one nostril and it came out the other! The last thing he said before going to bed was “the Neti Pot is fun”

Fun? That’s a whole new perspective on the Neti Pot. Allergy Relief? Or Comic Relief? In our house it’s both!