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Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2nd one year anniversary of blogging!!!!

A year ago yesterday I posted my first blog!!! WOW! How can that be???? I entered the blogging world a novice and in my own word ‘a dinosaur.’ My technology skills have evolved over the past year, thanks to my 12 year old son. I now text, have an I- pod and can figure out some basics of blogging. I’ve got three blogs and navigate through it all with relative grace.

Re- Reading my first post I set up the blog as another tool to communicate with the current yoga students. Since that time the blog evolved into so much more.

“My intention for the High Street Yoga Blog is to update upcoming events, share my experiences with Yoga and post articles, websites, and videos relating to yoga.”

I’ve learned some things over the past year about technology and some could argue that I ‘sold out’ but I say not. I quickly learned that the blogging world is vast. I started reading blogs from other yoga enthusiasts and connected with other yoga teachers across the United States and Canada. I interviewed other yoga teachers and have been interviewed. Living In a rural area with a very small yoga community, the world of blogging opened me up to my own on line community. Thinking and writing about yoga has become a hobby. It’s helped me deepen my spiritual practice and connect the philosophy of yoga into my daily life.

I finished my first post indicating that I would soon write about the evolution of High Street Yoga, since I’m not a linear thinker that STILL hasn’t happened. Maybe soon.

The word Yoga means union. The Yoga Sutras teach that connectedness removes the veils of separation so we can be in that place where we are one. One World, One Heart. We are all connected; A lesson to be learned even through blogging.


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