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Monday, September 20, 2010

My Other Yoga Blog

A few months ago I ran across something in my local news paper, the Pottstown Mercury. It was a 'call to all local bloggers.' They created a link to their on line paper linking local bloggers, called The Town square Bloggers. I submitted my High Street Yoga blog and heard back from the editor. She indicated that she enjoyed the blog and that there were no other yoga or yoga related bloggers. The only 'problem' was that my blog clearly represents my business. It lists schedules, prices, contact info etc. The purpose of the community blog program isn't advertising. This I understood. So the plan was for me to create a new blog site; one with a new name, a new look and none of the business stuff. I was excited about the opportunity and brainstormed titles with friends and came up with Yoga Wisdom for Everyday. I try to write about how yoga can carry over off the mat and that was the inspiration behind the name. Now, I double post. Anything I post to the High Street Yoga blog, I post to Yoga Wisdom. I didn't want to get rid of my High Street page because it is still a nice resource for individuals looking for yoga in the community.

Check out my other page. It has a new look. I decided to use Wordpress instead of blogger. It took some time for me to figure out the details but I like the layout and the look. You can also sign up to receive e-mails of the blogs when I post.



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