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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coming Home - to Yoga

With the end of summer comes a time of change, and new beginnings. For me, that means coming home to a regular yoga practice.

My summer was filled with sunscreen, swimming, hikes, day trips and a wonderful family vacation. For a large part of the summer my husband traveled abroad and I was both Mom and Dad. My practice suffered. In the time when I needed yoga the most was the time when I neglected it. By the end of each summer day, taking care of three kids, cooking, cleaning, and laundry, taking care of the yard and vegetable garden and squeezing in massage appointments I was tired by the time the kids went to bed. I didn’t make the time for yoga and for myself.

Summer is over, the kids are in school, my husband is home for the time being and my regular yoga practice resumes, and what a difference! My energy level has increased; I sleep like a rock and feel more present during my practice and beyond. My senses are heightened and I feel able to enjoy each moment. And for those moments that are simply impossible to enjoy, I recognize that the moment will pass.

I’ve begun each day with 10 minutes of meditation. It’s a small amount of time, but its enough for me and works with my schedule. I’m setting my intention for each session, opening it up to the universe. Finally my practice of asana is (almost) daily. Change can come slowly, 5 minutes of stretching each day, 5 minutes of meditation or 5 rounds of sun salutations.

How will you incorporate yoga into your day?

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